The world is ending later this month, and we couldn't be more ready

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We had a good run.

It’s 2016—the year you were supposed to shine bright like a diamond. 

You got a cool job. You started a new relationship. You began exploring your creativity in ways that you never thought you would. It’s not even May yet and you’ve already accomplished so many things. 

But have you heard about Planet Nine? If not, here’s what’s up: Planet Nine will destroy Earth this month and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.

While people talk about the new Star Wars trailer or something else that has nothing to do with the end of humanity, Planet Nine is hatching a plan to hurl asteroids and comets at our planet. Are you afraid? Well, you should be, because this is the demise of life on Earth as we know it.

Here’s how Twitter users are dealing with the frightening news.

Someone who doesn’t want to pay rent next month:

If Joe Rogan can’t save us from the apocalypse, who can?

Well Steve, Planet 9 is most definitely destroying Earth, so drink up.

Who’s gonna break the news to this guy?


So there you have it. The world is 100% going to end in a couple of weeks. On the bright side, we get to finally live out our apocalyptic fantasies.

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