Little kid's belated Easter card for mom is delightfully NSFW

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Photo via Shelley Brandie/Facebook

Kids draw the darndest things.

Let's be real: Little kids are terrible artists. Their family members are stick figures. Their trees look terrible, their suns are clichéd and pretentious, and they have no common sense when it comes to double entendres.

That makes them ripe for accidental humor. 

Exhibit A: This belated Easter card given in earnest that looks totally like a vagina.

After Shelley Brandie's post on The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page, commenters responded with their own shockingly phallic drawings from their kids, including the photo below the original caption that featured heart balloons drawn to look like a row of penises.

This apparently is a diplodocus, which actually was a real dinosaur (and didn't look like a dildo).

This one was captioned "The iron man and his 'shooter.'" But this might be my favorite: a chick flipping the double-bird to Mom. Like I've heard once or twice before, kids say the darndest things. But they also produce the best crappiest drawings ever.

H/T Death and Taxes

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