Ken Bone's famous red sweater sells out within hours

ken bone sweater

Screengrab via @darrenrovell/Twitter

Jesus Christ, America.

Perhaps because we cannot bear to think about the two people currently running for the job of commander-in-chief for another goddamn second, America has created a huge buzz around Ken Bone, the nice, Midwestern, red-sweatered man who asked a not-very-good question about energy policy at the second presidential debate.

We could talk a lot about the reasons Ken Bone became an instant man-meme, but for now, let’s focus on his style.

Yes, Bone’s sartorial aesthetic was a fixation for many. And when asked about it, Bone had a pretty great story for his fans.
The content cycle greatly benefitted IZOD, makers of said sweater, who took the opportunity to tout their product. 
Slightly more surprising was the news that the distinctively preppy sweater had quickly sold out—in most sizes, anyway. So get ready to see a lot of Ken Bones this Halloween, I guess. 
Sadly, stealing Bone’s look is likely not as easy as it seems.
Also, are we letting Bone distract us from the real issues?
Nah, definitely not. Fuck the haters.

ken bone
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