Photo of Justin Bieber getting choked is better than any Renaissance painting

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This is a work even Leonardo da Vinci would be proud to call his own.

To some people, Justin Bieber is an artist—an artist trading in sophomore levels of hijinks, unrestrained pretentiousness, grammar-less pop, and literal ass-grabbing, perhaps, but an artist nonetheless. 

Whether or not you agree with that assessment, there is a little-known theorem that the most candid of moments often make for the best art. And that's what happened last week when Bieber and fellow musician Post Malone encountered each other at a club in Houston.

Apparently, Bieber burned a cigarette on Post Malone, so Post Malone responded by putting his left hand around Bieber's neck.

Both artists later said that everything was fine and that they were horse-playing and having a grand old time together.

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That's just great, I guess, but in reality, who cares about their relationship or whether they're beefing? No, let's go back to the photo of the playful choke and view it through the prism of art.
It's true. The photo looks like it could have been painted by Titian or Raphael or Veronese.

Want more proof from the Internet's master photoshoppers? Here you go.

Whether he's producing it or starring in it, Bieber knows art. And he's known all about the Renaissance for many years. If you asked him, he could tell you all about a little-known artist named Leonardo da Vinci.
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