Dude inserts his dog into classic scene from 'Jurassic Park'

jurassic-bark.png (1440×720)
Good boy. 

Welcome to Jurassic Park. As you bounce along in the jeep with Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, and friends, your eyes are suddenly drawn to a majesty millions of years in the making. As the jeep pulls to a stop, you gaze upon, for the first time in your life, one of nature's terrifying marvels: a 50-foot-tall bulldog.

At least, that's how YouTube user alienufosarereal believes the blockbuster should have played out. In a short, 15-second video, he digitally inserts his playful dog Wally into a pivotal scene from the film.

Sadly, he hasn't worked his magic on the rest of the movie. That's a pity; a 100-foot-tall Doberman would certainly give Tyrannosaurus Rex some competition.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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