World didn't end because Jerry Seinfeld might do 'Bee Movie 2'

bee movie

Screengrab via AnimationTrailers/YouTube

The rapture fails us once more.

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a bee movie.

A follow-up to meme-worthy classic Bee Movie is undoubtedly the reason the rapture missed its call time for Friday, July 29. Since May, YouTube channel End Time Prophecies had been absolutely adamant about our planet being destroyed, save for its initial video proclaiming that the United States and Israel were over.

Somehow, the final End Time Prophecies video hit over 6 million views.

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And yet they failed us because Jerry Seinfeld decided to save us. Seinfeld had previously been wary of a Bee Movie sequel. In a June AMA on Reddit, the comedian worried such a follow-up would make the first film "less iconic." 

As of 8:56pm on Friday, he's nearly changed his tune.

Tempting fate was apparently just enough to stave off the malevolent forces of our collective sins. Bravo, Jerry Seinfeld. We can't wait for Bee Movie 2, in theaters just before the rapture gets us.
bee movie
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