This drunk guy found the perfect song for his prosthetic cat to sing

Most drunk people do practical things, like make sandwich or drink more. Others do this with their cat puppet.

Most drunk people do practical things, like make a sandwich or drink more. But on rare occasions the truly gifted express their alcoholic genius by creating what the Internet is meant for—hilarious cat videos.

According to a post on Reddit by user Col_Von_Sucket, a friend created this video after getting drunk and having a realistic “prosthetic” cat at their disposal. The cat was previously used for a short film the two were working on together and proved to be the perfect star for the film.

The video is really nothing more than a creepy cat puppet singing a Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'," which is exactly why it’s perfect. So, what is next for the feline Steve Perry? Perhaps a rendition of “Milk bowl in the sky?”

Screengrab via Youtube/Macaroni Dimension Films

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