Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his acting chops recreating 'David After Dentist'

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Now that's dedication.

Jimmy Kimmel recruited more than a dozen celebrities to turn four viral videos into big-budget Hollywood trailers on his post-Oscars show, but the best thing to come out of that didn’t even make the final cut.

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt came in to shoot the trailer for “David After Dentist,” he had to get the mannerisms of David down, but he never had to actually reenact the viral video itself.

As Kimmel noted, most actors just say their lines and hightail it out of there. But not Gordon-Levitt.

“But Joseph memorized the entire David After Dentist video—for no reason,” the video description read. “We didn’t ask him to and most of it wasn’t in the script. This was shot without any assistance from cue cards, he wasn’t watching along with the video to get the timing right, and somehow he managed to duplicate the video of this kid coming home from the dentist perfectly.”

Now that’s dedication.

H/T Hypervocal | Photo via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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