How many guitar faces is it possible for John Mayer to make in 90 seconds?

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Screengrab via Consequence of Sound/Facebook

This man is talented with his hands. And his face.

Surely, many things come to mind when you hear the name of John Mayer: a guitarist, a guy that made one of the best cameos in one of Chappelle’s Show’s most underrated sketches, and a dude that specifically makes a lot of faces while playing guitar.

Well, that last one was evident when the 38-year-old was joined by his band Dead & Company (which features some former members of the Grateful Dead) during a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Thanks to the video-editing skills of someone at Consequence of Sound, you can see an assortment of faces Mayer made during the set in 90 seconds. 

Trust us, it’s so great.

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If you don’t believe us, look at some of these Facebook comments:It arguably is the best part, but then again all of it is.God bless John Mayer. He's not only a talented musician, but he's given us some of the best guitar faces of all time.
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