Watch Jimmy Kimmel convince people a bigger earthquake is about to hit L.A.

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“To get into the survival sector, you need a Samsung mobile device.”

While everyone was laughing at KTLA anchor Chris Schauble’s terror face during Monday’s earthquake, there was a very real danger no one was addressing. Cue Jimmy Kimmel.

Fresh off a weeklong Austin run, during which he tricked SXSW music fans into liking fake bands, Kimmel is now back to tricking the citizens of Los Angeles. Yesterday, he asked pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard if they were ready for the “big one"an earthquake scheduled to hit Los Angeles this morning. Obviously it didn’t happen, but that didn’t stop people from planning for the quickly approaching apocalypse.

The most terrifying news? Only those with the right app will survive: “To get into the survival sector, you need a Samsung mobile device.” Pranks have gone corporate.

Screengrab via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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