Internet debates whether Jill Stein is a chiropractor or a folk singer

Jill Stein Clapping

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC-BY)

Let's lay these ugly rumors to rest over a sweet guitar hook.

Sometime in mid-July, a vicious rumor about Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein starting making the rounds on Twitter.

We can't be sure who started the rumor. Could it have been this Hillary-hater?
Unclear. But people really went with it and ran... all the way to a strip mall filled with private practices from a variety of disciplines.
We can only imagine the agony Jill has faced.
Okay guys, we had our laugh, but the claim is totally absurd. Stein has a Harvard degree. And a '90s folk band.

She is not a chiropractor. She. Is. A. Folk. Singer.

Not only was she the lead singer in "Somebody's Sister," but she still has several albums available for sale.
She's not here to crack spines! She's here to fill your soul with joy.

Circuits to the Sun, an inspiring album filled with rockin', feel-good hits like "American Dream" and "Dancin' Wild," is available on Bandcamp. 
Circuits to the Sun - Somebody's Sister by Jill Stein & Ken Selcer (aka Somebody's Sister)

Would a chiropractor sing:

Times are changin' /

It ain't a joke /

Hey, revolution /

Take back your vote. Jill does on "American Dream?"

Would a chiropractor pen a title track about a woman going through a 12-step recovery program who tries to fill her emotional void by pointing crystals at the sky in the hopes of communicating with aliens?

Of course not.

To be fair, it is easy to confuse folk singers and chiropractors. After all, they are both know to wear flowing scarves. Please, people, do your homework.

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