Comedian Jessica Moore hilariously talks friend out of buying hideous shoes on Instagram

jess hilarious instagram shoes

Photo via jesshilariousofficial/Instagram

What a fashion don't.

The world of fashion can be a curious thing. Strange and ugly outfits fly off the shelves simply for the couture factor, occassionally making their way to the fashionista folks you know. If you’re nice, you’ll let your friends wear what’s in style and let them be.

Or, after one glance at their shoes, you’ll have to shut it down, like comedian Jessica Moore, who took her friend, Nicole Brown, shopping on her birthday. Moore didn’t allow the birthday girl to buy just any shoes and brutally let her know how ugly the two pairs she picked out were.

She wanted to spare her friend the embarrassment of going to the club with the shoes currently trending on Instagram.  They’re called Perspex boots. If Kim Kardashian can pull it off why shouldn’t she be able to?

“They look like a fuckin' hefty trash bag with a shot glass on the back,” Moore says of the darker pair of high heels Brown's picked out.  

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

Oh. Those shoes.

“Now you sitting here looking like you bout to cry because you cant get them” Moore tells her friend. “They look like a fucking experiment.”

If you’re wondering, the comedian’s convincing skills were so great that Brown didn’t get the shoes. Thank goodness.

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