This massive inflatable duck is surely a sign of the apocalypse

Giant inflatable duck

Screengrab via Mikey McKenna/Twitter

This can't be good.

The sign of the apocalypse will not be that of the Four Horsemen. It’s a giant inflatable duck sweeping across the highway. 

The mascot of Peter Vardy, a car dealership in Glasgow, Scotland, escaped on Saturday, during a bout of heavy winds. It went tumbling across a busy four-lane road, as if migrating for the winter, and reportedly hit one vehicle. 

Footage of the duck on the loose was shared on Facebook by onlooker Mark Duncan. 

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I tried call to Peter Vardy to learn the current whereabouts of the duck. I was transferred to a general manager and told I’d be called back with a statement. We’ll keep you updated this very important story. 

H/T Mashable

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