Hungry fugitive stops at In-N-Out drive thru during police chase

in-n-out police chase

Screengrab via Fox 10 Phoenix/Facebook

The craving can strike at any time.

It's hard to imagine what goes through your head when police cars and helicopters are chasing you. But it seems that a good number of fugitive motorists—like the guys in L.A. who did donuts and stopped for selfies with bystanders—basically just think, "better enjoy my freedom while it lasts."

That and a craving for a juicy double-double could explain the actions of a wayward pickup truck driver pursued by police Wednesday night in Arizona. Rather than put the pedal to the metal and outrun authorities, he elected to swing by an In-N-Out drive thru. Honestly? Same as hell.

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In the video above we can see that the guy did lean out of his window and almost certainly attempted to order food, or at least a milkshake, at the In-n-Out intercom. Sadly, when he gets to the pickup window, it's no dice. Most likely the police alerted employees to the (possibly armed) suspect, which foiled his quest for animal-style fries. In the end, he took off empty-handed and empty-bellied, ultimately surrendering to police after abandoning his truck a short foot chase through someone's backyard.

On the plus side, the first In-N-Out burger he eats once he's out of prison is going to taste that much better.

H/T Fox 10 Phoenix

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