Impersonate your friends' bad tweets with this hot new meme

Quote this and impersonate me in a tweet

Screengrab via TooMuchNick/Instagram

You have to have thick skin for this one.

Another Twitter trend has taken off, and the rules are simple: “Quote This and Impersonate Me in a Tweet.”

Twitter is the number one social platform for people to speak their minds without much thought as to how it will affect someone else. What better place to mimic someone with brutal honesty? 
Users have mixed emotions about the trend. Some are loving it, while others are afraid to put their feelings on the line.
Do you see yourself joining in? 

Good job, people throwing their phones in the air to take blurry selfies
Damn, someone finally did it. After all these years, someone successfully threw a phone up in the air and used it to take a photo of himself high-fiving... himself . It's the photo the world has been waiting for, for sure.
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