Use these slightly more honest gold stars to celebrate your daily failures

gold star stickers

Photo via (CC BY-SA)

We deserve these.

Remember the good old days when you were young and tasks were simple? You could just cross your i's, dot your t's, and teacher would reward you with a nice shiny gold star.

Now you're a grown-up. You're crippled by credit card debt, your laundry basket is overflowing, you burned your toast this morning, and, dear god, there are how many days left to file your taxes? No, that can't be right!

Well, cheer up. At least you tried! And that deserves a sticker. Here are some gold stars from Imgur user yougavemehogwarts to celebrate all your shortcomings.

You did it! Well, almost.

Angry woman riding Splash Mountain was born to be a meme
Splash Mountain sucks. It’s, like, six seconds of actual ride. It features the jankiest animatronics in the entire amusement park. The line is always way too long, and there’s a chance you’ll spend the rest of the day soaked in that dirty, recycled log-flume water. It’s a bottom-tier attraction propped up by the same weird nostalgia that convinces people the Haunted Mansion is still a worthy endeavor in 2016. Seriously, fuck Splash Mountain.
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