What would the electoral map look like if only [insert thing] voted?

election map

Screengrab via @NateSilver538/Twitter

Makes you think.

As we continue to hurtle toward an election that could tear a hole in the fabric of political space-time as we know it, everyone is crunching the numbers and trying to predict exactly how it might go down. Or, in the case of data wonk Nate Silver, what would happen in purely hypothetical cases.

Wow! Crazy, illuminating stuff. Thankfully, both genders have the vote, so we needn't overly concern ourselves with this sort of breakdown.
OK, well, sure, technically, but that doesn't have any bearing on—
I don't know if that's actually—
Very cute, although we should be focusing on—
Oh come on.
I just... help...
No more. Please, no more.
This isn't helping.
Let me die now.
I am genuinely upset.
Leave me alone, I beg of you.


Must... look... away...
Well, can't dispute that one.
Honestly, how do we even know there's a map under there?
Will give it a pass for the Simpsons reference.
Sounds... kind of lovely.
Right. Sure.
Fair enough.
Apology accepted.

Oh no. We're getting meta now.

These are dark times indeed.
Ah, the sweet bliss of nuclear annihilation. All is well. But if you get the chance, don't forget to vote. Or you may not like how the final map looks.
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