DJ gets so turnt in Ibiza he accidentally wins eBay auction for £28,000 bus

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And you thought your hangover was bad.

The massive open-air club on the shores of Ibiza known as Ushuaïa has played host to countless parties night in and night out. Some wild shit happens in the Spanish party city, to the point that there's even a song about coming down from its highs: "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" by forgettable one-hit wonder Mike Posner.

The saddest thing that happens in Posner's song is a reckoning with hunger for status and overall loneliness—feelings that could all be quelled if he happened to win big. That's exactly what Davie Little did when he got so fucked up he placed the winning eBay bid on a £28,000 bus.

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Little's a DJ, so of course he had to go to Ibiza to take in the vibes. Now he can do so in style on a Scania Irizar Century Coach bus. The 27-year-old is still weighing whether or not he'll actually go through with the purchase. He maintains that not only is the winning bid 100 percent real but it's 100 percent hilarious.
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It also may turn into quite the opportunity. Little doesn't even know how to drive a bus, much less have the license to use it. Nonetheless, he is mildly considering putting his money where his drunk yapper is and converting the vehicle into a party bus.

"Because I DJ, a lot of people have said I could turn it into a party bus, take out the back seats and put some decks in there. The coach already has a fridge, DVD player, cameras and all that," Little said in an interview with the Northern Echo. "It sounds quite nice to be honest."

Nothing like turning a drunken L into a shitfaced W.

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