Leaving someone in your hot car is now the summer's hottest meme

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Photo via @jcolemojis/Twitter

Nothing to worry about.

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means: Beaches, bikinis, and people fighting on the Internet about how hot the interior of a car can get in direct sunlight.

And, because the season won't be complete until we get a handful of stories about strangers breaking windows to rescue babies or pets negligently left in these parking lot ovens, a presumably staged photo designed to inflame the masses has captured social media's normally fragmented attention. Go ahead and take a look.

The image's origins remain murky. Select All reported that @fee020, a teen who claimed that the dog was named Kram and enjoyed the pop stylings of Rihanna, had made up that backstory after finding the photo elsewhere online. It didn't much matter; the flames of hot-car controversy were fanned, and the memes began.
But this was never destined to be a Photoshop meme. In the week since the picture blew up, people have repurposed and mocked the language of the sign, less so the specific visual.  
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So yeah, even though it may soon be legal to smash car windows to rescue pets, the next time you see a Shrek doll alone in the passenger seat, try not to panic. He's quite comfortable and rocking out to Smash Mouth.
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