High school senior quotes @Horse_ebooks in yearbook

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This student gets our vote for "most likely to succeed."

Around nine months ago, a Tumblr user named Emily made a promise to her followers.

If she received more than 500 notes on one of her posts, she pledged to use a tweet from @Horse_ebooks, Twitter's shining light of spam poetry, as her yearbook senior quote.

Skip ahead to the end of the school year, and guess what? Emily made good.

Photo via kallascorchrazor/Tumblr

It's not clear how many notes her original post received. Her current count includes all of the likes and reblogs that have occurred in the wake of her sudden Internet popularity.

Still, in case you want proof that her senior quote is from an actual @horse_ebooks tweet, here you go.

Of course, there are a few copycats ready to do the same thing when it's time for their yearbook.

For the time being though, Emily stands alone as "that girl who used a silly @horse_ebooks tweet as her senior quote." For that, we salute her.

H/T Gawker, Pleated Jeans | Photo via Lindsay Eyink/Flickr

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Throughout its strange existence, beloved Twitter spambot @horse_ebooks has amassed thousands of faithful followers, endured accusations of its authenticity, and spawned everything from themed collections to comic renderings of its tweets. Despite the controversy, @horse_ebooks continues to tweet obscure passages from across the Web—prompting RTs, @replies, and attempts at further analysis.
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