When life gives you lemons, watch this awkward YouTube tutorial

Is it parody or just plain weird? It's hard to tell, but you'll laugh either way. 

Comedian Henry Phillips wants to teach you how to cook—starting with a very special lemonade.

It’s a tad awkward. Phillips isn’t so great at editing, so the long pauses and weird parts where he scoops seeds out of the pitcher are just there adding to the stilted humor of Henry’s Kitchen.

He also uses cheesy music and peppers his YouTube videos with some strange asides, like dubbing “farts” as “air shits” or revealing that his brother once threw a rock hard enough at his head that Phillips bled for a while. If you like awkward-funny, you will love this.

Phillips is a well-known comedian who has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Comedy Central Presents. His YouTube channel Henlips has more than 1 million views. He’s done a few different webseries, including Loser and You and Your Fucking Coffee, but his latest might be his best yet.

Henry’s Kitchen’s hilarious, and the recent episode with lemonade does not disappoint. Check out all the episodes of Henry’s Kitchen and make yourself some shitty food.

H/T YouTube | Photo via YouTube

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