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Actually, that is what your mom said last night

Over the years, SNL has taken on politics and celebrities, skewering all in its wake. Fortunately for the rest of us today, it's turned its skewer on moms everywhere in honor of Mother's Day.

In this skit, Joanne Pendak's Everymom challenges her kids to prove how well they know her in a lovingly awkward parody game show.

As anyone who's ever been subjected to the Ways of the Mom can tell you, moms can attack at any time, be it through embarrassing Facebook updates, sudden onset white panic, or regular email forwards about how WD-40 can protect you from the zombie apocalypse. 

So of course, the kids know their mom all too well.

It's okay, mom, we laugh with you, not at you—at least until you share this on your Facebook. 

Screengrab via Hulu; HT Digg

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