Gorilla, possibly related to Harambe, escapes from enclosure at London Zoo

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Photo via Manuel J. Prieto/Flickr (CC-BY)

Was it seeking revenge?

If humans are still having trouble getting over the death of Harambe, the ape who was murdered, just imagine how other gorillas feel. 

Thursday afternoon saw a spate of tweets about a sudden lockdown at the London Zoo, brought on by a gorilla that had escaped from its enclosure. People posted video and photos of themselves hunkered in various buildings as containment protocols kicked in.

We could argue the merits of keeping a gorilla in captivity in Cincinnati, where Harambe lived and was killed, but probably nobody can defend forcing a gorilla to make its habitat in London, a blighted, sunless city not even fit for the human primates who made it.
But I digress. Can this incident be somehow tied to Harambe? Although we can't confirm which animal got loose, the London Zoo has a colony of six western lowland gorillas—the same species Harambe was—led by male silverback Kumbuka. A zoo employee told BuzzFeed News that Kambuka is “a fucking psycho” who has “smashed the enclosure glass a couple of times.” 

Is he out for revenge? Probably!

Whatever Kambuka's connection with the gorilla spirit world, however, we live in the Age of Harambe, so the memes, sarcastic takes, and parody accounts came quickly.

The gorilla in question was recaptured—alive!—with the use of a tranquilizer dart. Which is like the non-American version of a bullet, if I understand correctly.
At least you tried, mate. But you would have been pretty disappointed with all the kebab places on the outside.
Swedish dudes record 'D**ks Out for Harambe' in the style of Backstreet Boys
Harambe , the ape who died and the meme that simply refuses to, is somehow still a source of ample new online #content. The latest tribute is a Backstreet Boys parody by a group of Swedish crooners who decided to ride the Harambe bandwagon the way Backstreet used to ride a meaty groove.
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