Parents, take note: Next time you tell your kids they can be anything they want, suggest some limitations. 

Parents, take note: Next time you tell your kids they can be anything they want, you may want to suggest some limitations. Because they may just want to become an overzealous, Goldfish-gobbling Pac-Man.

All it takes is a treadmill and a box of crackers.

The Vine was tweeted eight days ago and has since captured the attention of Reddit's r/GIFs forum. 

"I was expecting to see a dude running at top speed on a treadmill holding a goldfish bowl with fish in it when I clicked on the link, I'm a wee bit disappointed," riacheau commented

Redditor foyamoon turned the Vine into a smooth-looping GIF. 


H/T Reddit | Photo by  robletcherpa/Flickr

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