Walter White takes on Godzilla in this hilarious cartoon

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It's Heisenberg versus a legendary monster.

Walter White isn’t dead. He just got recruited by the government to stop Godzilla.

With Bryan Cranston starring in the latest Godzilla remake, fans still on Breaking Bad withdrawal were bound to start making comparisons even if the two roles have nothing in common. They look and sound alike, so that’s enough for the start of a mashup.

For as much damage as it’s done in the show (and possibly even caused a zombie apocalypse), Walter White’s Blue Sky is apparently the one thing that’ll stop the giant lizard from terrorizing cities.

Albuquerque's biggest monsters faces off against one of pop culture’s biggest monsters, and if Breaking Bad is any indication, nobody is safe. Even Skyler’s character.

H/T Reddit | Photo via Flashgitzanimation/YouTube

It's not OK to fat-shame anyone—not even Godzilla
These days, no one can escape fat-shaming, whether you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, a now-disgraced 2016 presidential hopeful or the Kool-Aid Man. Even giant apocalyptic lizard monsters are feeling the sting of our society’s complicated relationship with weight—after the new Godzilla made his full debut in a trailer released last week.
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