Don't kid yourself: Goat parkour is the best thing online

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No need to wait for 2015 for the year of the goat.

While the year of the goat doesn’t start till 2015 according to the Chinese zodiac calendar, these lil Internet underdogs are already training to take down cats as the cutest animals online.

They’ve already fine-tuned their vocal instruments with Game of Thrones and Taylor Swift covers guaranteed to make your heart skip a bleat. In the case of tiny paralyzed Frostie, they’ve overcome unspeakable adversity and handicaps. The only thing that’s left for these kids to conquer before taking over the World Wide Web? The age-old art of movement known as parkour.

Thanks to the beautiful utopic subreddit known as r/goatparkour, we have endless GIFs that show these cloven-hoofed wonders are hard at work in training intensives.

They start young.


But thanks to guidance from wise sage masters... 


And a little food incentive...


The student soon becomes the master.


But there are still many lessons to learn, such as: There is no I in goat parkour.


For the art of movement is not a selfish sport. 


It takes unity to succeed. 


Only then do you achieve true movement enlightment. 


H/T Reddit | Photo via jono2k5/Flickr

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