Revenge is best served with a terrifying ghost prank

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Revenge is a dish best served up to thousands of subscribers for entertainment.

Revenge is best served up to thousands of subscribers for entertainment.

The Prague-based ViralBrothers have pulled plenty of pranks on each other before, but after Erik Meldik gave Čeněk Stýblo some sleeping pills and kidnapped him in an earlier prank, Stýblo knew he had to get revenge—and what better way than on his channel?

After recruiting a friend to dress almost like that girl from The Ring, they set up the bait. It’s hard to prank a prankster, but that’s when you send in the second round of frights.

The video first made rounds last week, but it’s getting a second life after a reuploaded version was posted on Reddit.

Photo via ViralBrothers/YouTube

Why do we keep falling for the same prankster's hoaxes?
’Tis the season to be wary—of brand hoaxes, apparently. Bic pens is the latest casualty in a string of pranks that involve a faked exchange with a real business or organization. But unlike previous wacky outings with a fake We Buy Any Car and a fake NASA, this time the routine seems particularly juvenile: It’s an extended penis joke.
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