Screengrab via Shawn Bowers/Instagram Remix by April Siese

Gotta garf 'em all.

Tired of spinning your wheels (and Pokéstops) trying to catch 'em all, only to waste a Pokéball on another goddamn Rattata in Pokémon Go? Step away from the app and log onto Garfémon, the Tumblr from illustrator Shawn Bowers, which pairs your favorite pocket monsters with Garfield. It's even got its own riff on the show's iconic theme song, which you can view on its about page.

More importantly, though, there are Garfémon—150 or more to see, once Bowers really gets going with this ambitious project.

If you seriously can't wait for the next Garfémon to be logged into the Garfédex, head on over to Bowers' Instagram for first looks at his latest masterpieces.As for the how and the why of Garfémon, Bowers takes a Shakespearian approach. After all, "all the world's a Garfield, and the men and women merely Jons."
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