Customer discovers entire battered chicken head in meal

chicken head

Photo via LiveLeak (Public Domain)

Oh cluck no.

Hopefully one fast food customer didn't lose their head after what they found in their chicken order.

According to the Sun, a patron was surprised by an unexpected piece of chicken in their wings meal: a completely, battered-and-fried head. It's great when an extra onion ring ends up in your fries, but something like this sounds pretty cluckin' ridiculous. 

This surprise reportedly went down Monday at a French "Quick" restaurant, a chain of hamburger joints. Photos and a video of the meal have been making the rounds on the Internet.

Some are theorizing that the head must have ended up with the other pieces of chicken and franchise employees didn't notice before deep frying and serving. In their defense, it could pass for a wing—but that doesn't mean I'd want to try munching on this, drenched in hot sauce or otherwise.

Weird stuff continually happens to fried chicken, like secret messages and alleged rat substitutes. They all sound like greasy situations, but at least here we're dealing with actual poultry. 

H/T the Sun

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