Mom teaches son life's most important skill: How to roast

learning how to roast

Screengrab via WuzzamSupa/Twitter

Teach a kid to roast and he's dank for a lifetime.

Here in New Orleans and all over the country, we're getting ready for the first day of school. Supplies have been purchased, uniforms have been ironed, and kids are reluctantly getting ready to be woken up at 6am in the name of education.

Today's youth may look like they're ready for class but they certainly aren't prepared to face life head-on. What's missing from the Common Core curriculum? Roasting.

Twitter superstar Wuzzam Supa has previously schooled us on making better nutrition choices. (shoutsout to Popeyes) Now she's tutoring her son in the fine art of sick burns.

Her boy starts off a little shaky, stuttering through an insult. Supa comes in with the assist, turning a little shade into a blazing fire. "You can say that but you gotta say, 'boy, you built like Mark Henry'... that's funnier than look like," Supa encourages.

Once Supa suggests getting creative with items at hand, such as calling a kid "milk carton head," things really start to take off. Broccoli looking head, bread looking head, stop sign head—you name it, Supa's son is gonna use it to stoke that fire. By the time they finish up their car ride to school, you can be sure he'll be ready to roast.

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