Comedians prank subway passengers with 'Joy of Cooking Meth' and other hilarious fake books

fake book subway

Screengrab via Running Late Show/YouTube

I heard 'Gay Garfield' is one of Oprah's top reads.

Any questionable behavior on public transportation garners an inquiring glance or two, whether it's a couple making out or someone chopping onions. To tap into this public nosiness, comedian Scott Rogowsky trolled fellow subway passengers by reading fake books in April. Now he's back, and he and Akilah Hughes have brought some new reads from their book club.

Looking to start your own drug lab? Pick up the classic Joy of Cooking Meth. Expecting some white guests for a dinner party? Getting Into Phish: A Helpful Guide For Black People will arm you with appropriate topics. And while these books are fake, we really wish we could pick them up at our local bookstore. 

Between the attempts to snap inconspicuous pictures and the slew of side eyes, people on the train look appropriately amused or confused.

There's no better way to start off your morning commute than with one of these pieces of work. 
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