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Trust no one.

If you were trying to sell your washing machine over the Internet, you'd probably heed this Facebook warning:

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Pretty slick scam, right? Good thing someone got a photo of the guy; he'll have a hard time pulling that off again.
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Wait... what? Two different guys are running this clothes-cleaning con? I just find that so hard to believe.
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Come on, no way. Where did that candid shirtless photo come from? If he laundered his clothes, why isn't he wearing them?
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You've got to be shitting me! This is an issue in Australia, too? Starting to think humanity has hit rock bottom.
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Oh, OK—I get it now. People are just trolling friends and/or enemies by posting their photo alongside a copy-pasted cautionary note about how they swindled people out of a free wash! That's actually pretty funny—unless you're trying to sell your washer-dryer. 

Or until someone tries the scam for real.

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You know what? Even considering this is all a big joke, I just don't trust these dudes. God knows they'll have to do a load sometime.

 H/T Telegraph

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