Facebook creates cute, upbeat slideshow of man's near-fatal car crash

car crash

Photo via perthhdproductions/Flickr (CC-BY)

Hey, at least the dude survived.

There's no better way to remember getting into a car accident and nearly dying than a fun little slideshow on Facebook, right?

John Gibson was involved in a near-fatal crash when his '99 4Runner flipped over. He took pictures documenting the experience—of his totaled car being taken away on a huge truck and his arm bound in a cast. Facebook, being the fun social network it is, thought it'd let the survivor celebrate this memorable "Friday in Orem" with a video slideshow that made use of some chipper, light-hearted music and doodle animations. 

This is Facebook's Slideshow feature, which borrows recently taken photos and videos and easily turns them into a nice little clip. The feature also will do it automatically if there's a pre-made slideshow. Obviously, the tool's developers need to work on how it selects content to transform. 

Gibsonjsh posted the Facebook creation to Reddit, where it skyrocketed to the front page late Sunday and early Monday. Commenters were glad that he was safe but found the tone-deaf video amusing. Other Redditors shared similar stories, like one person who was in an accident and got bit by a dog—they got a "pretty sweet montage set to upbeat music."

And now gibsonjsh can always watch this snippet when he's feeling nostalgic about his crashed car.  

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