Leaked emails expose DNC's shocking butt-eating conspiracy

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'Eat my butt.'

Just in time for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, erratic whistleblower organization WikiLeaks has released a cache of more than 19,000 leaked emails from Democratic committee members. Crucially, one of those emails contains the phrase "eat my butt." 

As New York magazine's Select All reports, the three words heard 'round the world (to wit: "eat," "my," and "butt,") were sent by someone with a @dnc.org email address under the heading "tiny suggestion." 

The reply, from another anonymous DNC account, was: "CLAYTON." (Clayton wasn't the "eat my butt," but apparently did something that merited an all-caps callout.)

"Gross," replied the original sender.

What could this mean? Is there a secret culture of butt-eating inside the Democratic National Committee? Just imagine all the hay the Trump campaign could make with this depravity. It's worth noting that the emails were sent in May 2016, years after Gawker declared that booty-eating was experiencing a "renaissance."

All jokes aside, we're probably just looking at some staffers blowing off steam. Select All has reached out to the people on the thread, and the Daily Dot has done likewise. 

The biggest practical consequence of the whole imbroglio is that Wikileaks.org currently holds the top Google spot for the search "eat my butt."

A banner day for everyone involved. 

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