You've been cutting watermelon wrong all summer

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File this one under Lifehacks That’ll Make Your Summer That Much Sweeter.

File this one under Lifehacks That’ll Make Your Summer That Much Sweeter.

Mortals like me who spend our dog days slicing watermelons the old-fashioned way have a whole new lease on life these days. This unidentified fruit surgeon—classified as a physical therapist by This Blew My Mind, the website that posted his YouTube video—has arrived with a brand new way to chop up the delicious summer snack.

The technique requires a decent amount of knife skills, especially if you want to make it look as smooth as this guy can. Essentially, it only requires a few exterior cuts and a series of slices to the actual fruit. 

Once the initial cuts are made, it’s one fell swoop of alleviating any ties the fruit has to the rind. Then dump the full contents into a bag or bowl and bam: your summers just got a whole lot more convenient. 

We here at the Daily Dot also believe you could pull the same move with an onion—or, you know, a honeydew melon, cantaloupe, mango, or casaba.

Photo via imagelane/Flickr

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