Man hilariously ruins his girlfriend's gorgeous Snap story

snapchat on table

Photo via AdamPrzezdziek/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Obnoxiously adorable.

Sometimes you see something so beautiful that you just have to add it to your Snap story for the rest of your friends to see. And sometimes you have an unexpected addition to your pic or video.

Redditor swim-bike-run was the surprise in his girlfriend's story. She was trying to capture an amazing sunset at the beach, complete with the sound of the waves in the background. But her boyfriend just had to jut in with a high-pitched "squakity-squakity!" to really kill the mood. She's at a total loss of words, futilely responding with a simple "can you... gosh."

If anything, this boyfriend ruining the video with some annoying bird sounds makes the Snap story way more amusing. And instead of going off on her boyfriend, the woman just has to accept him for the weirdo that he is and add the video to her story. Now that's true love. 

H/T Reddit 

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