This dude predicted Rick Perry joining 'Dancing With the Stars' years ago

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Photo via Michael Vadon/Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

He has the gift.

Just narrowly edging out big lying Olympics boy Ryan Lochte as the worst person to join season 23 of Dancing With the Stars is former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, most famous for standing firmly against women’s healthcare and LGBT rights and once not being able to remember a third thing. America didn’t want him as president, but maybe they’ll like his rumba!   

Perry can spin this awkward and ignominious slide from the political spotlight into reality show hell however he likes—seriously, he couldn’t even get on The Apprentice?—but what’s even funnier is that everyone saw it coming. Of course, some people saw it more clearly than others.
Yep, that’s Igor Bobic, Associate Politics Editor at the Huffington Post, calling Rick Perry’s DWTS run a full two years before it was announced.
To go by Emma Slater’s pained smile, Perry’s performance is virtually guaranteed to be a disaster, but it’ll be roses compared to whatever he ends up doing next. So do stay tuned for Bobic’s next clairvoyant vision, and then, well, you’ll just have to have a little patience.
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