Can you stand to watch this guy hoverboard around the top of a skyscraper?

Screen_Shot_2016-04-21_at_12.31.55_PM.png (1379×704)

Screengrab via Stance/Facebook

Kinda makes us want to barf.

We all watch things we wish we hadn’t. But I’m pretty sure that I’ve never said “fuck that” to a video as many times as I did to this one. 

Watching people hoverboarding on a sidewalk or in the middle of street where there’s no traffic whatsoever already gives me anxiety, but this? Why would someone risk their life this way? Why doesn’t someone stop him?Oleg Cricket just hoverboards around the top of Dubai skyscraper like it’s nothing, spinning near the edge and even doing a handstand on the device. 

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If you check out Cricket’s website, you’ll learn that he’s made a name for himself for doing insane shit on tall buildings—and giving the rest of us panic attacks about it. Even if he didn't fall, that thing could have exploded.
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