Donald Trump singing Smash Mouth's 'All Star' almost makes this election worth it

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He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Whatever one might say about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, both sides of the aisle agree that he is extremely meme-able. Just look at that incredibly expressive orange rind of a face, a blessing to all #content creators. But at some point, we must reach the apotheosis of Trump memes. One of them must be the best, for all time. 

Here it is: 

Boom, Smash Mouthed!

Let's put this brutal owning of Donald Trump by the genius Ellie Sunakawa on repeat and discuss what makes it so good and so funny.

For one, the editing here is tremendous. The intonation of the clips Sunakawa picked is spot-on, and that laugh at the end... magnificent. It's the total package.

Second, and more important: Smash Mouth. Smash Mouth's currency in the meme world is strong for a lot of reasons: nostalgia for the late '90s, Steve Harwell's facial hair, the bread incident. But the band's dankest feature, from a meme perspective, is its association with Shrek. The beloved ogre franchise has long been a Tumblr goldmine, and Smash Mouth's many public attempts to shed their reputation as "the Shrek band" have only tied them more strongly to the movie. 

"All Star" and the Donald Trump candidacy are both essentially Shrek jokes at this point, so putting them together is a stroke of genius. I'll probably regret writing this in a few years, when I'm locked in one of God-Emperor Trump's reeducation camps, but we may as well speak our truth while we still can. 

In conclusion, this is the last, best Trump meme. We don't need any more. The meme pool is full.

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