Donald Trump rally turns into a dance-off between supporters and protesters

trump dance off

Twitter (CC-BY)

Before things got ugly, they got funky.

Bring up the subject of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and things can get ugly fast. Trump’s rallies have resulted in many protests, and protesters are frequently met with angry words and even violence.

But outside a Trump rally in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night, before things got ugly, attendees got down and got funky.

That’s right. Protesters and supporters went head to head in what might be the world’s most unlikely dance off.

Unfortunately, moments later, the conflict degraded into a skirmish.
We can understand why things got so heated. From insulting immigrants to calling for “punishment” for women who get abortions, Trump has gone out of his way to rile up his supporters.

But a dance off? How delightful! We can think of no better way to return to civilized debate.

Screengrab via Ashley Murray/Twitter

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