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Get ready for a rush of doggie GoPro videos to flood your Internet.

Get ready for a rush of doggie GoPro videos to flood your Internet.

News that Fetch, a canine-compatible video camera harness, has now hit the streets will surely change the game for fish-eyed moving-camera clips on YouTube. If so, it may improve the experience of those who follow Walter, the latest Labrador retriever to take advantage of the cameras.

From the coast of Siracusa, Italy, the yellow Lab makes a break for the beach after his owner ropes a GoPro to his torso.

That same owner put a clip of the video on Instagram, where it jumped around his social circle.

Here's more of Walter.

Then he put it on YouTube, and it quickly posted bonkers numbers. Since going onto the site Monday, Walter’s tallied nearly 500,000 viewers.

Since then, someone remixed the footage into a rally crash:

Photo via Sciu89/YouTube

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