Even James Franco's brother doesn't know what James Franco is doing

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People seem to want to talk to Dave Franco more about James Franco than the movie he's promoting.

Dave Franco is currently promoting Neighbors, and but it seems most people would rather talk to him about his more famous brother’s nude selfies and naked paintings.

Conan O’Brien told Dave that he knows he shouldn't have to answer for his brother’s actions—but made him do it anyway.

The younger Franco isn’t on social media, so he somehow managed to avoid the notorious photos until his press tour for Neighbors. In his bother's defense, Dave said compared to the other things James has done, the nude photos and paintings seem tame. 

Dave has a point. After James Franco sent inappropriate messages to an underage fan (and laughed it off), these selfies are oddly dignified.

H/T @SladeHV | Photo via Team Coco/YouTube

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Seth Rogen and James Franco laugh off that whole underage girl thing on 'SNL'
Last night, Seth Rogen hosted Saturday Night Live for the third time, and his opening monologue was pretty Rogen-y. He read from a “journal” he kept during the week, and after the requisite weed jokes, he mentioned he decided to prank James Franco by posing as an underage girl on Instagram.
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