Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s disgusting sandwich is a crime against humanity

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Screengrab via @DaleJr/Twitter

This is not OK.

Years ago, the typical knee-jerk dismissal of bloggers amounted to the argument that "nobody cares what you had for lunch." Now one fateful, brand-friendly tweet from NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. has demolished that line of reasoning forever.

The sickening image of this banana-and-mayo monstrosity—on white bread, no less—instantly divided the Internet into extremely polarized camps. Black Twitter was largely appalled:
But others approved of the apparently regional recipe:
The bravest among us actually tried the sandwich for themselves—or forced someone else to—before passing judgment:
The real winner, though, is Hellmann's. Did they blackmail Earnhardt into mentioning them by name? Impossible to say. But at the very least, some palms were greased—with mayonnaise. 
Earnhardt, who frankly seems more like a troll with each successive tweet about this, reveled in the war of his own making.
Dude, please. You have done more than enough damage to Americans' minds and palates already. Just eat your food without putting it on social media—and never, ever pitch a cooking show.
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