Daily Fluff: Local dog wins Rising Star award

Local Dog Wins Rising Star Award
 A Weimaraner...
The Weimaraner pup "exemplifies the spirit of the community."

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A Weimaraner puppy named Maya was given a prestigious honor this evening when she was awarded the annual “Rising Star” plaque. 

The award is given each year to the dog that shows the most promise and exemplifies the spirit of the community.

“Maya is really great dog,” said organizer Emma Botzer, while scratching Maya under the chin. “She’s amazing with kids, she never bites… She’s just such a good dog. Isn’t she just the best dog?! Who’s the best dog? Who’s the best dog? Whoo-joo-joo-boo?”

The award itself, which is made from a special lucite-like rawhide composite, doubles as a chew toy.

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