Daily Fluff: Puppy caught napping under desk

Puppy Caught Napping Under Desk
 5% of businesses...
Co-workers have already begun jockeying for his office.

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5% of businesses in the US allow pets at work according to the Society of Human Resources Management’s yearly benefits survey (PDF), and until last week, Baloo the dog was lucky enough to be employed at one.

But on Friday, he was caught by a supervisor napping on the job and immediately dismissed. 

"This was the third time we’ve caught him sleeping under his desk," said VP of Human Resources Todd Barett. "I don’t care how adorable he is. This is place of business and we expect people to actually work here."

While co-workers were sad to see Baloo go, they’ve already begun jockeying for his office.

"He had amazing views," said one employee. "And the office is really close to the snack machine."

Via Erin Patterson.

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