Daily Fluff: Study: Humans vulnerable to puppy head tilt

STUDY: Humans Vulnerable to Puppy Head Tilt
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Indeed, canine evolution has been selecting for this trait for generations.

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A new study from Duke University’s School of Animal Behavior indicates that humans have absolutely no immunity to the puppy head tilt. Further, the study finds that canine evolution has been selecting for this trait for generations.

"Our research indicates that when a dog tilts his head to the side, humans have little to no resistance and wind up doing whatever the pup wants,” said lead researcher Anson Wu. “It gets ‘em every time.”

Wu and his team aren’t sure whether puppies are even aware of their powerful evolutionary quirk. 

"I’d have to guess not, but you never know," he said. "I really hope they’re not planning to use the tilt for evil. We’d be totally boned if they did."

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