Daily Fluff: Best new app for kittens: Napchat

Best New App for Kittens: Napchat
 Move over...
Now this is some social media kittens can get behind.

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Move over Twitter, step aside Facebook, there’s a new mobile app that’s taking the “fluffy” market by storm: Napchat.

The latest social craze allows users to anonymously snap and send photos of napping animals. It is reportedly very popular among kittens, who are using the app to share the best crash spots. That comes as a surprise to developers.

"We figured that anonymity would trump the desire to share information like location," said Napchat founder Kolten Tenh. "We were wrong. We’re seeing many of our feline users turning location services on so that they can share popular napping spots with friends."

The startup has raised $12 million in a Series A led by Union Square Venture, First Round Capital, Ashton Kutcher and Ron Conway. They plan to use the money to push into the dog and rabbit markets.

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