Daily Fluff: Kitty tries to sneak into BarkWorld expo

Kitty Tries to Sneak Into BarkWorld Expo
Social-media-savvy pet bloggers will descend on Atlanta in August. Samson wants to join.

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Jealous that all his canine friends were busy making their travel arrangements for this year’s BarkWorld Expo, Samson the cat tried to smuggle himself into the conference via the luggage of a Pomeranian.

“It was never a very good plan,” said Josie Schlosser, who discovered the wayward cat. “First of all, he packed himself up almost three months before the conference. He’d never have made it if I hadn’t found him.”

BarkWorld is the premier conference for social media-savvy pet bloggers and industry experts. Taking place in Atlanta, GA from August 22-24, it will feature speakers from Change.org, Mashable, and this publication: The Fluffington Post. Whether your pet is a social media celebrity, or you manage online campaigns for a pet-friendly brand, you’ll want to attend this year’s conference.

Tickets are still available, so reserve yours now!

Via eyalamit.

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