Daily Fluff: Area kitten nervous about biz presentation

Area Kitten Nervous About Biz Presentation
Squiggle plans on adding cat pictures to his PowerPoint to soften the blow.

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Squiggle, a local account manager and kitten, is scheduled to present data to clients next Tuesday, but sources tell The Fluffington Post he has some reservations.

“It’s not the rosiest picture for the client,” says Mitchell Goodwin, a colleague who works with Squiggle on some of his larger accounts. “Sales are down slightly, and it looks like we’re about to hit market saturation. It’s not the end of the world, but I know Squiggle hates to bear bad news, so he’s a little nervous.”

Co-workers say Squiggle is adding lots of funny cat pictures to his Power Point in the hope it will soften the blow.

Via Binkaboo.

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