Daily Fluff: Guinea pig refuses to upgrade to Windows 8

Guinea Pig Refuses to Upgrade to Windows 8
Plumca has had to resort to hunger strikes to stand up for Windows 7.

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A 5-year-old guinea pig named Plumca (short for “Plumcake”) is reportedly the last hold-out in her office when it comes to upgrading her PC.

"She absolutely refuses to make the jump to Windows 8," says Tom Halifax, the Director of IT at Coleridge Mutual Insurance Co. "I mean, I can’t really blame her. Windows 7 is a beautiful OS. And what’s up with the whole ‘Metro’ thing? Who needs that? But still, the latest updates close a lot of security holes in our network."

Plumca’s resistance has included hunger strikes and chaining herself to her laptop.

"I’m not sure they can fire her over it," says Judy Crosshaven, a co-worker. "But she’s not making the bosses happy, that’s for sure."

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